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Worp#2 @ IRFF

We'll be performing with Worp during the sound//vision nights at the Worm club in Rotterdam as part of the International Rotterdam Film Festival. We'll be performing the second night on January 26. More info and tickets here. See what we'll be doing on this page.


Error 2 @ Stuk

'Error 2' was the second iteration of the inter-campus course Intermedia I conducted with Klaas Verpoest and Peter Jacquemyn. Students worked this year on co-creating audiovisual performances. The results were shown in an evening performance at Stuk.

Error 2

Workshop at Basel conservatory

I'm invited by Christian Dierstein to present Living Scores at the conservatory in Basel. I'll be doing an extensive presentation on Wednesday 20th. On Thursday 21th, students will propose new ideas for the platform.

Let Yourself Fall

Yesterday I presented my interventions at the LUCA biennale 'Let Yourself Fall'. I created two pre-recorded improvisations and did two live performances during the exhibition. See more on the project here.