The Solitary One

The A/V installation 'The Solitary One' is running daily during the 'Cosmos'-exhibition at museum CID-Grand Hornu until Februari 27.
On Februari 18, the installation is activated for a performance again in collaboration with Klaas Verpoest and Benjamin Glorieux. Tickets are available on the museum's website.


Composer Maarten Buyl has worked steadily on the composition for Arcade. Rehearsals with the audio score have started and will continue through the next months. In January, the project will be presented for a first time after a residency at NONA Arts Centre, with a tryout at Januari 30. The official premiere is on Februari 24 at De Bijloke. The project will also be presented at Nona's Lunalia festival in Mechelen.

A Year in Dark Shades

After the ambisonics performance in Ham and the interview and presentation of the video during the Belgian Science days, it is time to start finishing the recording of A Year in Dark Shades. In collaboration with Jelle Tassyns at Arco Music the final mixing and mastering will be realized. The work will be published early 2022 on digital channels, but keep an eye on the website, as some plans are made to release it on vinyl too.
Klaas Verpoest will also join to create a full video version of the entire suite. It will also be performed during the Open BAC days on March 24 at BAC Art Lab.


Currently the last paragraphs of the dissertation on 'Umbraphonics', my 6-year research project at LUCA School of Arts, are being written. Next to that, mixing work for 'A Year in Dark Shades' and new verisons of 'Shadow Of Omar' are on their way. The defense of the PhD is scheduled for the first part of 2022.

Common Grounds

In the Common Grounds project, students from various disciplines at LUCA School of Arts take a step outside their comfort zones. The project is an assignment from the Intermedia elective where students explore the limits of their own medium and try to transcend them. They identify where various artistic practices intersect to meld sound, image, word, movement, and analogue and digital applications in the crucible of the imagination. This year, Common Grounds is exploring the theory of everything and the possibility of nothing. Sylvia Wenmackers, professor of philosophy at KU Leuven, got students fired up with an inspirational talk. In collaboration with STUK arts centre they’ll be presenting an interdisciplinary performance at BAC ART LAB.
The works will be presented on December 16 at BAC Art Lab. Tickets available via STUk

Özgür Hazar's Blues Syndicate

While most upcoming gigs have unfortunately have been cancelled again due to restrictions, there is still one upcoming date that has survived for now. On February 12 we will be playing at Kid's Blues Kaffee in Antwerp.

Zomeropera 'Madame Butterfly'

This year's open air opera at Alden Biesen will be Puccini's 'Madame Butterfly'. Tickets are available from March on at the website of Zomeropera.