[ V I N C E N T C A E R S ]

Percussionist | Researcher | Programmer

percussion | saxophone | music theatre | dance

The pain of loss. Grieving widows. Cheerless military cemeteries. The general distress and upheaval after the Great War. On stage we see transparent sculptures, in which soil appears to be floating: a military cemetery in a cold landscape. Sound rises from the earth: rustling, murmuring… echoes of battle, but also voices and snatches of music. As the performers move through this installation, the sounds retreat. Wherever humans go, the music hushes to a murmur. The music theatre ‘Field Recordings’ is a concept of Anneleen De Causmaecker and Annelies Van Parys. Blow premiered this music theatre at the Concertgebouw in Bruges and presented it during the ‘Opera-dagen’ Rotterdam with soprano Els Mondelaers and dancer Isabelle Balsa. The set is an installation of Anneleen De Causmaecker and engineered together with Roel Das. The music was written by Belgian composer Annelies van Parys, Peter Verhelst provided the text. The video below has been made by Eva Küpper.