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Single Sample Sessions

The Single Sample Sessions is a series of exercises for exploring the lsl.lpsr improvisation tool. The tracks are made with a single sample as the only source material. The original sample is not present in the music, but only serves as input for lsl.lpsr. The first tracks in this series are slowly evolving soundscapes which are gradually intensifying until they explode and degenerate again as a result of using the constructed soundscape as the input of itself again.
Session 01 and session 02 are created with samples available in the free Sound Library from Jason Grier at Human Ear Music. Session 01 uses one note bowed on an electric guitar (Electric Guitar Bowed 6), session 02 is based on a bowed note on a bass (Electric Bass bowed 5).


These tracks are improvisations with vibraphone and lsl.lpsr. The material used is generated based on the morse-code for LUCA. Live performances were presented at the LUCA research day and during the exhibition ‘Let Yourself Fall’.